double skin milk dessert recipe

double skin milk dessert

Sitting serenely at the center of the bowl, Double Skin Milk resembles a blossoming, intricate flower. The interplay between the cream and the milk skin creates a unique visual allure. A subtle aroma of milk gently wafts from the bowl, an inviting fragrance akin to a sweet temptation, arousing the anticipation of one’s taste buds for this delicious delight.

Ever since I went to Shunde a few years ago and tasted the local double skin milk, I was so amazed that other double skin milks have become a blur. Since then, every time I go to Shunde, tasting double skin milk has become a must-have item. Over the years, I have basically tasted double skin milk in all the stores in Shunde.

  Then, naturally, I will also want to replicate this delicious food at home. I can’t go to Shunde every time I want to eat double skin milk, right?

   Double-skin milk is called “double-skin milk” because it has a thick layer of milk skin on the surface that needs to be condensed twice to form. First pour the boiled milk into a bowl. After it naturally condenses into a layer of milk skin, pour the milk out, mix it with egg white and sugar, and then pour it back into the bowl to let the milk skin float. Then put it in the steamer – the steamed milk will condense again with a layer of milk skin during the cooling process. It takes two coagulations to form the unique thick skin on the surface of double skin milk.  

   In Shunde, people have a consensus that only good milk can make good milk skin. Therefore, discerning shops use buffalo milk to make double-skinned milk – the higher the fat content of milk, the mellower and thicker the milk skin formed, and the fat content of buffalo milk is twice as high as that of ordinary milk.

   But buffalo milk is not easy to buy for ordinary families, so we can use some alternative methods to increase the fat content in milk-if you are smart, you must have thought of adding some whipping cream to ordinary milk. However, the proportion needs to be mastered, not too thick, not too light. In short, it must be condensed to create a perfect milk skin without destroying the smooth taste of double skin milk.

   Another issue that is easily overlooked in the production of double skin milk is the proportion of egg white in milk. In fact, this is very important. If the fat content determines whether the milk skin of double skin milk is thick and mellow enough, the content of egg white directly determines the taste of double skin milk. Too much egg white will make the double skin milk taste too hard and have a strong eggy smell. Delicious double skin milk must be tender and smooth without any eggy smell.

double skin milk dessert

double skin milk dessert

Double skin milk is famous for its rich aroma, rich milk flavor and abundant egg flavor. Its taste is tender and smooth, as delicate as baby's skin, giving people a gentle touch.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 3


  • 400 g Nestlé whole milk
  • 40 g Nestlé whipped cream
  • 60 g Eagle mark condensed milk
  • 45 g egg white
  • 15 g fine sugar


  • First prepare materials. As mentioned before, not only do you need to choose whole milk, but you also need a small amount of whipped cream to increase the fat content of the milk. Adding condensed milk at the same time will make the milk aroma more intense. Condensed milk contains sugar, so the double skin milk made in this way has a slight sweetness without adding sugar. But if you like children's shoes that are slightly sweeter, you can add 10g-20g of fine sugar according to your own taste.
  • Pour all the milk, light cream, and condensed milk into the milk pot, heat over low heat and stir evenly. Then cook until it bubbles slightly and then turn off the heat (do not boil until it boils, just bubble slightly).
    double skin milk dessert
  • Pour the cooked milk into the prepared small bowl.
    double skin milk dessert
  • Wait for the milk in the bowl to slowly cool down. During the cooling process, a layer of milk skin will form on the surface.
    double skin milk dessert
  • After the milk skin is formed, pour the milk in the bowl back into the milk pot (use chopsticks to block the milk skin before pouring), leaving the milk skin in the bowl.
    double skin milk dessert
  • When pouring, don't pour all the milk, leave a little at the bottom of the bowl. In this way, the milk skin will not stick to the bottom of the bowl but can float (if the milk skin is stuck at the bottom of the bowl, it will be difficult to float after a while).
    double skin milk dessert
  • Beat the egg white thoroughly with chopsticks. Then pour the milk in and stir evenly (if you want to add sugar, you can add it now).
    double skin milk dessert
  • Then sift the milk mixed with the egg whites.
    double skin milk dessert
  • Stick to the wall of the bowl and slowly pour the sifted milk back into the small bowl.
    double skin milk dessert
  • During the pouring process, the milk skin will float back up, so we get a bowl of milk with milk skin floating on the surface.
    double skin milk dessert
  • Put half a pot of water in the steamer, and put the small bowl with the lid into the steamer (if there is no lid, cover the surface of the bowl with plastic wrap).
    double skin milk dessert
  • Cover the steamer, bring the water in the steamer to a boil over high heat, turn to medium-low heat, steam for 12 minutes, turn off the heat and serve. Remove the lid or plastic wrap from the surface of the bowl and let the double skin milk cool naturally. During the cooling process, a second layer of milk skin will form, giving the surface a thick milk skin. Double skin milk can be eaten warm or refrigerated. My favorite is the double-skinned milk after refrigeration!
    double skin milk dessert
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